Academics at the Department of Biology

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang
1996 Diploma Thesis, University of Cologne
1996-1999 PhD thesis (Dr. rer. nat.), University of Bonn
1999-2005 Research associate, MPI of Limnology, Plön
2005-2006 Assistant professor, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
2006-2007 Fellow/Convenor, Institute of Advanced Study (Wissenschaftskolleg), Berlin
2006 Full Professor (W3), WWU Münster, Zoology: Animal Evolutionary Ecology

- Zoology
- Evolution and Biodiversity
- Evolutionary ecology
- Evolutionary immunology
- Evolutionary parasitology
- Evolution of immune systems
- Host-parasite coevolution
- Evolutionary ecology of parasites

Ausgewählte Projekte

- The evolutionary ecology of specificity and phenotypic plasticity in innate immunity
- Adaptation of parasites to different host immune systems

Ausgewählte Kooperationen
- ETH Zürich (Switzerland), Institute of Integrative Biology (Prof. P. Schmid-Hempel, Prof. S. Bonhoeffer)
- Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Biology Plön (Dr. M. Kalbe, Prof. M. Milinski)
- German Parasitological Society, Ecological Parasitology Group (Prof. B. Sures, University Essen)
- University of Sheffield (UK), Evolution and Behaviour Research Group (Dr. J. Rolff, Prof. M. Siva-Jothy).


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