Multiscale Analysis of Cellular Systems

Multiscale Analysis of Cellular Systems
© Dominique Förster und Stefan Luschnig

Dynamic processes at the molecular and cellular level determine the macroscopic properties and functions of tissues, organs and organisms. The focus area “Multiscale Analysis of Cellular Systems” aims to understand how molecular and subcellular organization govern physiological dynamics in response to intrinsic and extrinsic cues (e.g. extracellular signals, mechanical forces or temperature changes) across different scales of biological organization. Modern experimental and quantitative analytic approaches are employed to investigate the specific and coordinated responses of molecules, cells, tissues and organisms. This includes the development of new experimental approaches to visualize and manipulate these processes with high precision in complex living systems, and will incorporate computational methods, including machine learning and the development of formalized models, to quantitatively analyze dynamic processes across multiple spatial and temporal scales. We are training the next generation of scientists in developing and applying these tools that enable us to address fundamental questions in modern cell biology and physiology in novel ways.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Stefan Luschnig
Deputy Speaker: Prof. Dr. Carsten Grashoff

Institute of Molecular Cell Biology: AG Bähler, AG Busch, AG Grashoff, AG Püschel
Institute for Neuro- and Behavioural Biology: AG Klämbt, AG Luschnig, AG Stanewsky
Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology: AG Schwarzländer
Institute of Zoophysiology: AG Liebau, AG Zeis
IME Fraunhofer: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schäfers
MPI Molecular Biomedicine: Prof. Dr. Wiebke Herzog