Focus Evolution und Biodiversity

The diversity of complex biological structures and processes is striking. This diversity can be found on all levels of life on earth ranging from animals, plants and microbes over genes, genotypes and biochemical pathways to functional groups, behavior and ecological systems.
As the biological diversity that exists today has developed through an evolutionary-driven process, it seems natural to analyze conservation, function and endangering of biodiversity from an evolutionary point of view. One of the central questions in this context is to understand how sophisticated and intriguingly complex structures develop as the result of simple evolutionary principles.
Within the Department of Biology the organism is of central importance in untangling the forces that govern diversity. Today, research on biodiversity is increasingly interdisciplinary, a fact that is reflected in the contributing work groups.
The scopes of the groups active in the area of Evolution and Biodiversity incorporates behavioral biology, ecological physiology, ecology, evolutionary biology, bioinformatics and molecular evolution. The focus of these groups is on the creation of theoretical and quantitative hypothesis.