• Develop, organize and coordinate the new Special Study Program (SSP) in Plant Sciences called iNTEGRATIVE & MoLECULAR PLANT SCIENCES (iMoPLANT) within the MSc Biosciences.
  • Conception, implementation and teaching of new courses (with focus on Plant Molecular Science)
  • Registration of a new label “Green” for all the courses with focus on Plant Molecular Science
  • Visibility of the new iMoPLANT SSP (homepage design, flyer of the new SSP, etc.)


  • Maida Romera Branchat comes from Catalonia (Spain), holds a PhD. degree in Plant Biotechnology and has more than 10 years of experience in Plant Science research. 
  • She has worked in research Institutes in Portugal (ITQB), Spain (CSIC_CRAG) as well as in Germany (MPI) with special focus on plant developmental processes such as flowering and flower and fruit development in Arabidopsis thaliana.
  • Parallel to her research, she has trained students, participated in international conferences and organized symposia. She speaks fluently English, German, Portuguese, Catalan and Spanish.


  • Courses for Erasmus students based on seminars and laboratory practice with a focus on Plant Molecular Biology (taught in English).
  • Courses for Master students in Education for the teaching profession in primary and secondary schools or vocational training centres with a focus on genetic engineering in agriculture. Course based on seminars and laboratory practice (taught in German) .
  • Organisation of lecture series for MSc and PhD students with special focus on Plants of the Future (in English).
  • Organisation of seminars with focus on Career pathways for Bioscientists.