What is the ZIV?

The "Zentrum für Informationsverarbeitung" (ZIV) is the WWU’s central service provider for all aspects of IT-infrastructure, telephone and mail communication as well as media technology.

  • User ID, central password and MyZIV

    Every student of the University of Münster receives a user ID with the enrolment, every employee at the beginning of the contract. The ID cannot be changed and is valid until ex-matriculation or end of employment, respectively. The user ID is of great importance as it is required for most online contents and for access to all computer systems including the libraries.

    Along with the user-ID a central password is provided. The central password is required for many university online services – ranging from e-mail to the registration for lectures and exams. Together with the remittance slip for the tuition fee, every student is provided with a temporary password which should be changed immediately in the user portal MyZIV . New employees will receive their account data from the Department’s administration.

  • University e-mail account

    Every student receives a university e-mail address with the enrolment: "userID@uni-muenster.de". It can be personalized in MyZIV by creating up to three aliases (e.g. "firstname.surname@uni-muenster.de"). The address is valid until the end of studies (Alumni-Club WWU Münster). Important information will be spread by the university administration on a regular basis, therefore, please check your e-mails regularly.

  • University WLAN

    Most University building provide access to the educational WiFi. For access to the internet connect to the networks “uni-ms” or “wwu” using your user ID and the designated net access password. The net access password is different from the central password and needs to be initially set via MyZIV before use. For this, you have to set your password for network access in MyZIV once - it must not be identical with the central password. Afterwards you can set up a connection as describe in our manual.
    Off-Campus WLAN access is possible via the “eduroam” network. All WWU members can log-in easily to other university networks and use their WLANs as long as those universities take part in the eduroam project. The WLAN name (SSID) usually is “eduroam”. What you need for the log-in is your userID (which has to be completed with the so-called „Realm“ „@uni-muenster.de“) and the network access password.

  • VPN client

    Due to licensing restrictions, some services can only be used from within the university's intranet. To make use of these services at home, you need to establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to the University computer systems. For this, you need your net access password and you have to set up a connection as described in our manual.

  • Printing service "Print & Pay"

    To use the print service of the WWU Münster, you have to register for the Print & Pay service.
    However, students of the Biology Department can also print in the ComputerLab in SP4. All you need is bring your own paper.

  • Campuscloud "sciebo"

    Sciebo is a personal cloud storage for synchronizing data with different end devices and sharing with others. It is operated by the ZIV in cooperation with other Universities The data are secure and are located on storage systems within NRW. However, the IVV4 also offers disc space for each user. More information can be found here.

  • Software training

    The ZIV offers a comprehensive spa program for various software at the start of the semester and during the semester. Participation is free.