Abteilung für Verhaltensbiologie


11.10.2017 14.00 Uhr Seminarraum Badestraße 13 (ZN 137) The interplay between the agents of sexual selection in viviparous halfbeaks Charel Reuland Gast
12.10.2017 11.00 Uhr ZN 137 Impact of enrichment on welfare of pigs Linda Wiesner & Prof. Dr. Volker Stefanski
(Institut für Nutztierwissenschaften, Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart)
25.10.2017 14.00 Uhr IEB, Sozialraum, Hüfferstraße 1 A paradox of cumulative culture and a search for its resolution Dr. Yutaka Kobayashi
(School of Systems Engineering, Kochi University of Technology)
16.11.2017 16.30 Uhr ZN 137 Does the early social environment prepare for the future? Adaptations to low density populations Susanne Sangenstedt Seminar Verhaltens-biologie
Social niche specialisation & transition- Effects on biobehavioural profile in male guinea pigs Alexandra Mutwill
30.11.2017 16.30 Uhr ZN 137 Animal personalities and behavioural lateralisation in mice Binia Stieger Seminar Verhaltens-biologie
The "Match-Mismatch Hypothesis" and Food Restriction Janina Feige-Diller
Pair-housing of male C57BL/6J mice- long-term effects on inter-male aggression, dominance order and stress response Patrick Soschinski
07.12.2017 15.00 Uhr ZN 137 Social environment during pregnancy shapes behavioural profile in adulthood: constraint or adaptation? Katja Siegeler PhD Verteidigung
11.01.2018 16.00 Uhr ZN 137 Impact of regular touchscreen-training on home cage behaviour in male laboratory mice Max Wewer Seminar Verhaltens-biologie
Sterilization or Castration - Effects on animal welfare Annika Schimmelpfennig
18.01.2018 16.00 Uhr ZN 137 Investigation into the welfare of small zoo mammals and how to improve them Miriam Göbel (Frankfurt) Gast
22.01.2018 17.00 Uhr Nördliches Kavaliershäuschen (Schlossplatz 6), Seminarraum im Erdgeschoss I just want to be me - Individuality in animals and its relevance for behaviour, physiology and evolution Dr. Luca Melotti MGSE Vortragsreihe "The Growth of the Evolutionary Thought"
29.01.2018 17.00 Uhr

IEB, Hörsaal HHü (Hüfferstraße 1)

The hidden nature of human sexuality Prof. Dr. Thomas Junker (Universität Tübingen) MGSE Vortragsreihe "The Growth of the Evolutionary Thought"
30.01.2018 16.00 Uhr ZN 137 You cannot step into the same river twice - Improving reproducibility by batch heterogenisation Vanessa von Kortzfleisch Seminar Verhaltens-biologie
Effects of continuous touchscreen training on anxiety-like and exploratory behaviour in mice Viktoria Krakenberg
08.02.2018 16.00 Uhr ZN 137 Let me sing you the song of my people - a comparison of male mating songs of four laboratory mouse strains Sophie Siestrup Seminar Verhaltens-biologie

Effects of complete brain serotonin deficiency on social behaviour - a study in female Tph2 knockout mice (first results)

Niklas Kästner