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Chitosan Links

The Chitosanase Webpage
"The purpose of this page is to present up-to-date information about the hydrolytic enzymes acting on chitosan and derivatives."

Chitin and Chitosan Sciences
from HAN, Sang-Mun, Ph. D.

Chitin and Chitosan
"An overview of possible biomedical aplications of chitin and its derivative chitosan."

History of chitosan

Companies & Organizations

Chitosan manufacturer

France Chitine
Chitin Producer

"Vanson manufactures and distributes an incomparable line of water treatment chemicals, such as Vanson's Sea-Klear brand chitosan-based clarifier, for use in private and commercial pools and spas."

Dalwoo Chitosan
"The World Wide source for the Chitin / Chitosan, and Chitosan Oligosaccharide"

The Korean Society for Chitin and Chitosan
"The official academic society of chitin and chitosan researchers."

Journals & Publications

From the Chitosanase Webpage

Web Chitosan Journal
Journals relating to chitosan

The CARAPAX project is part of the Fifth Framework Research Program of the European Union, Key action 5
"Sustainable Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry" of the "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources" Program.
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