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CARAPAX - Chitosan Activates Resistance Against Pathogens After eXposure

A consortium of 5 scientific, 1 governmental, and 3 commercial partners has convened to develop and exploit the economic and ecological potential of the abundant biological raw material chitin isolated from waste shrimp shells that will be upgraded into chemically and biologically well defined chitosans. These bio-compatible, bio-degradable, non-allergenic, non-toxic chitosans will be tested for their ability to protect economically important crop plants from disease. The upgrading of bulk chitosan into pure, high added value speciality chitosans for consumer-safe, environment-friendly, cost-effective plant protection will add value and improve whole crop utilisation for the shrimp fisheries, improve sustainability in agriculture, and improve the quality of life by supplying healthier food to EU citizens. The creation of new working relationships between fisheries and agro-industries will lead to new knowledge-based companies increasing employment opportunities in the EU, by opening the agro-industry and, forseeably, the medical market for high quality chitosans, so that the EU may become world leader in this growing biotechnology market.

The CARAPAX project is part of the Fifth Framework Research Program of the European Union, Key action 5
"Sustainable Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry" of the "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources" Program.
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