Basic studies (Bachelor of Science, Bsc):

Tutorium (WiSe/SuSe, for about 10 students during the first two semesters)
Active participation (soft skill training, e.g. scientific discussions, paper presentations).

ZPG-Modul (Basic Module: Cell biology, Physiology & Genetics)
SuSe, practical course and accompanying lecture series.
Practical week: “Plant development and movement”. Multiple choice test (10 min “Antestat”), protocol, final written test (multiple choice), final oral exam (20 min).

Vertiefungsmodul (Intensifying module: Molekular Genetics and Cell biology)
WiSe, practical course and accompanying lecture, daily, 4-weeks.
Prerequisite: Successfully completed ZPG module.
Theroretical preparation, regular participation (also lectures), final oral exam (group of 2), group protocol, final presentation of the obtained results.

Bachelor thesis (SuSe, 3 months practical work).
Prerequisite: successfully completed VM.
Largely independent project led by a PhD student or postdoc (link to current research interests). Bachelor thesis defense, final presentation of results (within progress seminar).

Main studies (Master of Science, Msc):

Fortgeschrittenenmodul (Advanced module) FGM „Molecular Plant Physiology I and II”
WiSe or SuSe, with seminar. Prerequisite: VM (preferentially in a plant group). 
Molecular biology aspects (Nucleic acid purification, RT-PCR, cloning, etc.) of candidate genes (current research projects), Cell biology aspects (protein „targeting“ using fluorescent reporter fusions and CLSM), Biochemistry (protein analyses, enzyme measurements, immunological tools). Theoretical preparation, regular participation, final oral exam (2 per group), group protocol, final presentation of results (progress seminar).
Forschungsmodul (Research module)
WiSe and SuSe, 4-6 weeks of lab course. Personal registration required!
Independent project covering an aspect of current research. Single protocol, presentation of results within progress seminar (ca. 30 min).

Master thesis (ca. 8 months, daily)
Independent research project linked to our current research interests (under supervision of a PhD student or Postdoc). Master thesis defense, final presentation of results (progress seminar).

Progress seminar (Fridays 9-10 h)
For group members only. Research reports, and student project reports on current topics.