Term papers


Before starting your term paper there is an obligatory consultation during my office hours. This will allow us to discuss (1) your working title, (2) a one-page abstract, (3) the proposed structure, and (4) working bibliography.
When writing your term paper, make certain that you adhere to the information set out in “How to write a Hausarbeit - some guidelines”. This PDF (and more information) can be found below.
•    Obtain an “evaluation sheet” from me; it indicates which aspects of your paper will be graded
•    Set out references and the bibliography in MLA style.
•    Leave ample margins (5cm on the right & 2,5 cm all other sides)
•    Line spacing: double space or 1,5 (single space for indented quotations)
•    Attach the note about "Plagiierte Hausarbeiten" to your paper

*  *  *

As a rule I return term papers during my office hours only. In this way I can give you feedback and you have a chance of raising questions about your essay or further work.
Please choose an office hour that is convenient for you, put down your name, and clearly indicate why you are attending (e.g. "Abholung Hausarbeit"). Then I'll read and grade your work in time for the slot you've selected. Please note that you need to give me one or two weeks notice.

Internal Guides

General information concerning the formal aspects of research papers:

  • Length:
    Term papers:
    B.A. courses: 3,000 - 3,500 words
    M.A. courses: 5,000 - 6,000 words

    Final papers:
    B.A. theses: 12,000 words
    M.A. theses: 15,000 - 16,000 words
    LPO 2003 Staatsarbeit: 12,000 words
    LPO 94/98/2000: 14,000 words
    Magister Artium (Hauptfach): 16,000 words

    For students who started their B.A. in WS 2011/12 or later, the length of papers has been included in the module description. Please check your module descriptions for relevant word numbers.

  • Deadline for term papers:
    four weeks after the lecture period ends
    Detailed information here

  • Please pay particular attention to the leaflets "How to write a Hausarbeit - some guidelines" and "Information concerning the MLA stylesheet" (see below)

How to write a Hausarbeit - some guidelines

PDF (German)
PDF (English)

Information concerning the MLA stylesheet  PDF

External Guides

1. External guides to academic writing

Guidelines/training centre for papers (in German)

2. Online Dictionaries

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Oxford English Dictionary
Comprehensive historical dictionary of the English language

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary
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