Student advisory service

The student advisory office is open to everyone seeking advice concerning studies at the English Department.
Office hours are offered on an open basis so you do not need an extra appointment. If you wish to consult the student advisor outside the office hours, please make an appointment beforehand.
Please make sure to come prepared and to bring pen and paper in case you need to take notes.

The office hours for the current summer term are:

Monday 9.30–12.00

Tuesday 9.30–12.00 & 13.00–15.00

Wednesday 09.30–12.00 & 13.00–15.00

Thursday 10.00–12.00 & 13.00–15.00

Friday 9.30–12.00

and by appointment.

There will be no office hours on Thursday afternoons and Fridays from June 29 to July 14.

Allocation of remaining places on courses of the English Department for the winter semester 2017-18

If you have missed the HIS-LSF online registration deadline for courses offered by the English Department, or if there were other reasons why you have not received a place on such courses, please do the following:

•    For lectures, places can still be allocated via the normal HIS-LSF registration process, even after the deadline. So please use HIS-LSF.

•    For seminars of the 2-year BA module in Literary and Cultural Studies (Aufbaumodul Texte und Theorien / Texts and Theories“), please note that all winter-semester seminars for this module are already full. However, more seminars will be offered in the summer semester, so if you did not get a place in a winter semester seminar, simply wait until the summer semester.

•    For other seminars, practical skills courses / Übungen etc., the English Department’s Student Advisory Service (room 121) offers designated times for allocating the remaining places on courses. These times are given below – please read this information carefully beforehand:

  1. Please note that we will give preference to students who are considered cases of hardship [Härtefälle, e.g. students who have a disability or chronic illness; students who have young children to look after; students providing nursing case for close relatives (Studierende, die nahe Angehörige pflegen), competitive athletes (Leistungssportler*innen) etc.] and need to arrange some changes to their schedules. These students can come to our office hours between Monday, 24 July and Thursday, 27 July (Mon 9.30–13, Tue–Wed 9.30–12 and 13–15, Thu 9.30–12). If these students cannot make it during any of those times, they may also request an appointment for an alternative time slot.
  2. Students who are experiencing time table clashes (e.g. because they were given two courses that take place at the same time, so that they have to replace one of these courses with another), and students who did not receive a place due to technical problems (although they registered on time and selected the right number of alternative options that the LSF system required – e.g. they selected 3 parallel courses/groups where possible and still did not get a place), must come and see us between Monday, 24 July and Wednesday, 26 July (Mon 9.30–13, Tue 9.30–12 & 13–15, Wed 9.30–12).
  3. Students who did not get places due to a fault of their own (e.g. because they did not select enough alternative options when selecting courses on HIS-LSF; or because they missed the HIS-LSF deadline) must stop by our office between Wednesday, 26 July and Thursday, 27 July (Wed 13–15 and Thu 9.30–12).