general information for prospective students

Thank you for your interest in studying at the English Department at the WWU Münster. Here’s some helpful information before you enrol.

Prospective students
The first semester

Prospective students

Introductory information on your (potential) field of study can be found on the  Student Advice and Counselling Centre (Zentrale Studienberatung) website in the “Studienführer” section. (Only available in German). The "Studieninfo" provides specified information on almost all aspects of studying English in Münster.

A programme of study is generally chosen according to the following criteria:

Prospective students who aspire to become school teachers, generally choose the Bachelor “HRG” for secondary schools up to the 10th grade excluding grammar schools or the Bachelor “G” for primary schools. Prospective students who wish to become teachers at grammar or comprehensive schools (Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen) choose the “Zwei-Fach-Bachelor”.

Prospective students wishing to become vocational school teachers choose the Zwei-Fach-Bachelor if they wish to study two general subjects at the WWU and the Bachelor “BK” if they wish to study one general subject at the WWU and one subject at the University of Applied Sciences (FH).

Prospective students who do not plan to become teachers also choose the “Zwei-Fach-Bachelor”.

We highly recommend that you seek further information on programmes of study and their prospective career opportunities before choosing your degree.

Beyond the website information, the Student Advice and Counselling Centre offers daily open office hours and a counselling hotline.

The Registrars office (Studierendensekretariat) provides information on enrolment at WWU Münster and offers one-on-one counselling during their open office hours.


The first semester

Please be sure to follow these steps once you have successfully enrolled for English studies at WWU Münster.

After enrolment, all students are expected to take the “C-Test”.

This test is meant to give you a realistic idea of the current level of your English language abilities. It is recommended that students whose score was below 70 pts take an additional course at the Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum) called 'Exercises in Vocabulary and Grammer' during their first semester.This course is geared toward the improvement of basic language skills. Current information on these courses is available on the Language Centre webpage.

Students must register for classes electronically on the LSF/QISPOS-PORTAL within the designated registration period before the start of the semester. (You received the login information with your enrolment documents.) For courses where more than one time-slot is available, students must choose at least two options. You can confirm your course choices by clicking on the “Belegen/Abmelden” link and following the steps on the next page. First semester students receive all information concerning class enrolment during the welcome and introductory meeting in October. The dates will be made available under the “News” section on the webpage of the English Department well in advance.

Please be sure to closely follow the module descriptions that appear in the programmes of study (Studienordnung) for your respectice study programme.

Here you can find the current programmes of study:

Download: Overview of all first year courses

Please make sure to regularly check the News section for current information.

The student representatives also offer an info session for first semester students to address relevant topics such as planning your studies, creating your timetable, etc.

If you have further questions or concerns about your programme of study, please contact the counsellors during their posted office hours.