Welcome to a world of English media!

The Self-Access Centre (SAC) is not supposed to be a high-tech lab for computer experts, but has been designed to be used by students without any previous computer experience. We try to make computer operating as easy and convenient as possible.

Ideally, the SAC is a place run by students for students. Here you can work alone or in groups or just meet and discuss with friends. Students who signed up voluntarily, so-called Supervisors, keep the SAC open to the public while doing their own research. Does it meet your demands? Any kind of feedback is welcome. Leave a message in our mailbox downstairs, talk to a member of the SAC-Team, or write an e-mail to the SAC-Team.

The SAC-Software section in the Start-menu enables our students to run application programs (such as dictionaries, corpora, bibliographies, multimedia encyclopaedias, word-processors, language tutorials, etc.) directly. At the moment only those programs are available for which the SAC owns 20 licenses (one for each computer). We are working on a solution for programs with fewer licenses. If you need a special software which has not been installed by now, please ask a SAC-Teamer (team office) to find a solution for you.

We are happy to welcome you in our facilities!