Conference Venues

The conference will take place at the English Seminar, Johannisstr. 12-20, 48143 Münster:


How to reach Münster

Münster is convenient to reach either by car, train or plane.

By car

You can reach Münster directly via the Autobahnen A1 and A43.
Please note the information about the urban access regulations.

By train

Münster’s main station is situated very close to the city centre and it is linked with Germany's and Europe's metropolises via its IC, EC and ICE connections. All railroad connections are available online.

The railway mission of Münster offers boarding, changing and deboarding assistance for handicapped passengers.
Contact: Telephone: +49 (0)251 45802, e-mail.

Please note that on most trains it is mandatory to purchase tickets before you board.

By plane

There are many direct domestic and European connections to the international airports close to Münster:

Airport Münster-Osnabrück

From here, the centre of Münster can be reached in approximately 30 minutes by taxi or bus.
Airport Münster-Osnabrück website

Dortmund Airport

The most convenient connection to Münster is by train. A shuttle bus will take you to the station Dortmund-Holzwickede. From there, a direct train connection reaches Münster in approximately one hour.
Dortmund Airport website

Düsseldorf Airport

The airport has a train station and offers direct connections to Münster Hauptbahnhof which take approximately 90 minutes.
Düsseldorf Airport website

Köln Bonn Airport

Train connections from Köln Bonn Airport to Münster take approximately 2:15 hours. Trams will take you from the airport to either "Köln Hauptbahnhof" or "Köln Messe/Deutz" from which direct connections to Münster are available.
Köln Bonn Airport website


Since there is another large conference going on at the same time here in Münster, we encourage you to set up accommodations as soon as possible, as it will become more difficult to find rooms at reasonable rates as the date gets closer.

Wir weisen darauf hin, sich möglichst bald um eine Unterkunft in Münster zu kümmern, da zeitgleich eine weitere große Tagung an der WWU stattfindet. Die günstigeren Unterkünfte werden daher aller Voraussicht nach schnell ausgebucht sein.

We have been able to reserve various contingents of rooms at the following hotels/hostel:

Bei den folgenden Unterkünften haben wir Zimmerkontingente reserviert:

  •  Hotel Martinihof []
    10 EZ; 73 €/Nacht (inkl. Frühstück) / 10 single rooms; 73 €/night (incl. breakfast)
    *abrufbar bis zum 1. Juli (available until July 1st or until booked up) 
  • Nordstern-Hostel ‎[]‎
     – 10 EZ; 29 €/Nacht (ohne Frühstück aber Bäckerei in der Nähe); Dusche & WC auf dem Flur / 10 single rooms; 29 €/night (no breakfast, but there is a bakery nearby); community shower & restroom
    *abrufbar bis zum 1. Juni (available until June 1st or until booked up)
  • Hotel International am Theater ‎[];
    10 EZ; 69 €/Nacht (inkl. Frühstück) 10 single rooms; 69 €/night (incl. breakfast)
    *abrufbar bis zum 1. Juli (available until July 1st or until booked up) 
  • Hotel Conti [‎]‎
    10 EZ; 79 €/Nacht (inkl. Frühstück) / 10 single rooms; 79 €/night (incl. breakfast)
    *abrufbar bis zum 1. August (available until August 1st or until booked up)
  • Hotel Busche []
    3 EZ; 69 €/Nacht (inkl. Frühstück)3 single rooms; 69 €/night (incl. breakfast)
    *abrufbar bis zum 1. August (available until August 1st or until booked up)


When booking a room, please use the reference “Fantastik-Tagung, Sekretariat Prof. Sarkowsky”.

Bitte geben Sie das folgende Stichwort bei der Reservierung an: “Fantastik-Tagung, Sekretariat Prof. Sarkowsky”.


We also recommend using AIRBNB as a further option for accommodations.

Außerdem empfehlen wir “AIRBNB” für weitere Unterkunftsmöglichkeiten.