2nd Applied Mathematics Symposium Münster

Workshop: Numerical Schemes for Surface Partial Differential Equations

February 22-24, 2016

Münster, Germany


Partial differential equations (PDEs) on surfaces can be used to model various processes from physics, biology and chemical science. Since analytical solutions usually are unavailable, state-of-the-art numerical methods are required for simulating the model equations.

The goal of this workshop is to foster the intensive exchange of recent results and ideas by bringing together experts on surface PDEs and numerical schemes for this class of equations. In particular, different numerical approaches shall be examined, with focus given to cases where an implicit domain description is beneficial, i.e. PDEs on complex-shaped surfaces. Particularly challenging topics include surfaces which evolve in time, incorporation of mass conservation into the schemes and coupling to bulk processes.

The program includes scheduled talks in which invited specialists give an overview of their own work and recent developments on an international level. Furthermore, participating PhD students and postdocs will be given the opportunity to present their work in spontaneous talks without a given a priori schedule. Ample opportunities for exchange, including discussions after each talk, shall allow early-stage and distinguished scientists to discuss challenges and open problems in this area of research and to identify ways to coordinate future efforts.

Invited Speakers


The final schedule and the conference booklet are now available for download (both updated February 23).

The schedule of the spontaneous talks sessions is now available for download.

Spontaneous talks

Spontaneous talks can be registered at the registration desk on Monday until 09:45. They will be randomly distributed over six sessions afterwards and announced before lunch on Monday. The time for each spontaneous talk will depend on the number of talks, but approximately 20 minutes can be expected. We encourage you to include additional slides in your talk for the case that you have more time as well as slides that can be skipped for lack of time.


The workshop takes place in a seminar center next to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in Münster which is located at (Google Maps):

Einsteinstrasse 62
48149 Münster

The address of the seminar center itself is Orleansring 12, but the building is not yet visible on many maps since it is new.


The University of Münster is located in Münster, Germany. The address of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is Einsteinstrasse 62 and is easily available on most navigation systems. Of course, you'll find us on Google Maps.

  • By plane:
    The airport Münster-Osnabrück (FMO) is located 30 km from Münster. Shuttle service by bus to Münster central station is available (45 min). The airport Düsseldorf (DUS) is further away, but offers far more international connections. The train ride to Münster central station is 90 minutes. Details about connecting busses and trains are available via bahn.de.
  • Public transport:
    Münster is well connected by train. For details see Deutsche Bahn. Starting at central station, several bus lines lead to the department. Best choices are probably number bus routes 5, 11, 12, 22 direction Gievenbeck or Nienberge. Get off at bus stop Coesfelder Kreuz after about 15 minutes.
    To get to the department, go right and cross the street with traffic lights. There is a flat building right after the corner which is connected to a 9-story-building, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Behind these buildings, there are two modern buildings with an aluminium-colored corrugated sheet facade. The workshop takes place in the modern building on the left.
    As an alternative, take a taxi from the main station.
  • By car:
    Use your favorite routing service. There are parking lots next to the buildings at

    Orleansring 10-12, 48149 Münster, Germany

    The buildings are new, and so is their address. Google Maps has them correctly listed.


To participate in the workshop, we require a fee of 70€ for each regular participant, which includes coffee breaks, lunch and the workshop dinner. Furthermore, regular participants are asked to fund their travel and accommodation expenses.

With respect to the participation fee, we are able to provide financial support for a limited number of participants which would otherwise be unable to attend the workshop, though. If you want to apply for financial support, please tick the corresponding box in the registration form. Please note that financial support can only be provided as a reimbursement of the participation fee.


We recommend the following hotels. See below for a map.
  1. Hotel am Schlosspark
    Located very close to the conference site, prices from 88 to 125 Euro per night.
  2. Hotel Jellentrup
    Also very close to the conference site, prices from 72 to 82 Euro per night.
  3. Haus Niemann
    A little bit outside of town but still close to the university, prices from 60 to 80 Euro per night.
  4. Hotel Überwasserhof
    Located between the venue and the city center. Prices from 92 to 98 Euro per night.
  5. Factory Hotel
    Modern design hotel. Located slightly outside town but with restaurants close by. Prices about 100 Euro per night.
  6. Hotel Busche
    Small and central hotel. Prices betwen 65 and 130 Euro per night.
  7. Mövenpick Hotel
    A little bit off but close to the Aasee.
  8. Agora Hotel
    Directly located at the Aasee. Prices from 77 to 112 Euro.
On the map, the conference venue is marked by the red symbol.

There are also some hotels close to the train station:
  1. Ibis Hotel
  2. Mercure Hotel


To register, please fill this form.
Deadline for registration is January 08, 2016.
Extended deadline for registration is January 22, 2016.

To complete your registration, we ask you to pay the participation fee of 70€ using this form.
Deadline for payment is January 29, 2016.

Participants within Germany may choose to pay by invoice. Note that it will take a couple of days to send the invoice and the bank transfer will take some time, too. Therefore, if you intend to pay by invoice, please complete your registration in time.


For questions on the workshop contact am.symposium@wwu.de. Please begin the mail's subject line with [surf2016].

Organizing Committee

We are looking forward to welcome you in Münster!

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