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Dr. Hendrik Dirks

I am no longer working at the University of Münster, but you can sill contact me via email:
 mail at hendrik-dirks dot de

Hendrik Dirks

Research Interest
  • Optical Flow
  • Joint Image Reconstruction and Motion Estimation
  • Segmentation
  • Inpainting

Downloads All of the following packages are freely available as public repositories at Github. In case of experiencing any problems, please create an issue request on the corresponding Github page.
Name: Description:
HistoGUI MATLAB tool for histomorphometric analysis of vertebrae images
MotionEstimationGUI MATLAB toolbox for variational motion estimation including C-MEX implementations. Implementational details can be found in my Ph.D. thesis
First Order Denoising MATLAB toolbox for variational first order denoising and inpainting
Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction MATLAB implementation of the Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction Framework proposed in my Ph.D. thesis
FlexBox FlexBox is a flexible MATLAB toolbox for finite dimensional convex variational problems in image processing and beyond.


Personal Information

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