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Dr. Christina Stöcker

Workgroup Imaging
Institute for Computational und Applied Mathematics
University of Münster
Einsteinstrasse 62
D-48149 Münster

Office room 109
Office hours by arrangement
Tel. : +49 251 83-33799
Fax : +49 251 83-32729
e-mail: linkpic christina dot stoecker at uni-muenster dot de

Research Interest
  • image processing, medical imaging
  • level set methods
  • geometric evolution equations
  • C. Stöcker. Level set methods for higher order evolution laws. PhD thesis. SLUB Dresden, 2008. pdf
  • M. Burger, C. Stöcker, A. Voigt. Finite element based level set methods for higher order flows. J. Sci. Comp., 2008, to appear. pdf
  • C. Stöcker, A. Voigt. Geodesic evolution laws - a level set approach. SIAM J. Imag. Sci., 2007, in review.
  • C. Stöcker, A. Voigt. A level set approach to anisotropic surface evolution with free adatoms. SIAM J. Appl. Math., 2007, accepted.
  • A. Ribalta, C. Stöcker, S. Vey, A. Voigt. AMDiS - Adaptive Multidimensional Simulations: parallel concepts. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods (Strobl, Austria, 2006), accepted.
  • C. Stöcker, A. Voigt. The effect of kinetics in the surface evolution of thin crystalline films. J. Crystal Growth, 303:90-94, 2007.
  • M. Burger, F. Haußer, C. Stöcker, A. Voigt. A level set approach to anisotropic flows with curvature regularization. J. Comp. Phys., 225(1):183-205, 2007.
  • C. Stöcker, S. Vey, A. Voigt. AMDiS - adaptive multidimensional simulations: composite finite elements and signed distance functions. WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems, 4(3):111-116, 2005.
  • C. Stöcker. Blätterungen, Tubenumgebungen und Diffeomorphismengruppen. Diploma thesis. ULB Düsseldorf, 2003.
Personal Information
  • Diploma in Mathematics, University of Düsseldorf, 12/2003
  • Research Scientist at the Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (caesar), Bonn,
    Crystal Growth Group of Prof. Axel Voigt, 01/2004 - 12/2007
  • Dissertation in Mathematics, Technical University of Dresden, 02/2008
  • Postdoc Researcher in Applied Mathematics, University of Münster, since 01/2008
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