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Dr. Chantal Oberson Ausoni

Workgroup Imaging
Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics
University of Münster
Orleans-Ring 10
D-48149 Münster

e-mail: linkpic obersonausoni at uni-muenster dot de

Research Interests
  • topological persistence
  • applications to image segmentation, data analysis, shape description
  • 3D picture directionality description using the structure tensor
  • various topics of computational topology
  • Oberson Ausoni C., Hillje A.L., Schwamborn J.C., Müller J., Brune C., Burger M.:
    Robust Segmentation in Low SNR Fluorescence Microscopy by Homological Persistence: An Application to Shape Analysis of Neuroblasts in Development
    (poster at the CATMI 2011, Advanced Course and Workshop on Computational Algebraic Topology applied to Medical Imagery)

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