• Doctoral Thesis

    Combined State and Parameter Reduction for Nonlinear Systems with an Application in Neuroscience


    This work investigates two complementary methods for combined state and parameter reduction of nonlinear systems. First, a system-theoretic approach using empirical gramians and second, an iterative method utilizing the greedy algorithm. The presented methods are applied in the context of connectivity analysis of neuroimaging data, in which these nonlinear model reduction techniques are demonstrated to accelerate the solution of large-scale inverse problems enabling the data-driven exploration of more complex neuronal networks for example in the human brain.

  • Teaching

    • Praktikum: Non-linear modelling in the natural sciences [104224]
      (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Andreas Heuer, Prof. Dr. Christian Engwer, Priv.-Doz. Svetlana Gurevich, Prof. Dr. Mario Ohlberger, Jun.-Prof. Arndt Telschow)

    • Praktikum: Introduction to Programming with C++ [104880]
      (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Mario Ohlberger)

  • Publications