Hier finden Sie alle archivierten Informationen rund um das ALEA Forschungsprojekt.

Internationale Konferenz


Vom 1. bis 2. April 2015 fand die erste internationale Konferenz der ALEA-Forschungsgruppe an der WWU statt. Das Thema der Konferenz war:

The Sultan’s Anthologist: Ibn Abī Ḥaǧala and His Works

Ibn Abī Ḥaǧala (1325-1375) was born in Tlemcen, spent his youth in Damascus and settled later in Cairo. He was a recognized poet who composed mainly panegyrics and was proud of his religious poetry. As a prolific adīb he mastered the art of short picaresque prose narratives known as maqāmāt as well as the art of anthology. Ibn Abī Ḥaǧala is best known for his anthology Sukkardān as-sulṭān (The Sultan’s Sugar Box) and his collection on passionate love (Dīwān aṣ-ṣabāba) which he both dedicated to the Mamluk Sultan Ḥasan who reigned from 1347 until 1361. Yet, most of his work is still unedited and understudied.

The program of the conference is now available here.

031 A 06 Qah 659-1 A Frei

Im Rahmen der Eröffnungsfeier, die am 23. Mai 2014 stattfand, sprach Prof. Dr. Geert Jan van Gelder (University of Oxford) über das Thema How To (Mis)behave In Society: Ibn Makanis (d. 1392) and his poem "The Prop of Any Fop and the Road to Take by Any Rake".