Research Group Geometry, Topology and Group Theory

Mathematisches Institut, Universität Münster

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Linus Kramer Prof. Dr. Linus Kramer
email linus.kramer
phone +49 (251) 83 33726
office 301b
Lutz Hille apl.Prof. Dr. Lutz Hille
email lutz.hille
phone +49 (251) 83 33723
office 316
Alexandra Rhinow Alexandra Rhinow (Sekretariat)
email mathsekr
phone +49 (251) 83 33720
office 306
Elke Thiele Elke Thiele (Sekretariat)
email mathsekr
phone +49 (251) 83 33720
office 306
Corina Ciobotaru Dr. Corina Ciobotaru
email ciobotar
phone +49 (251) 83 33739
office 304
Olga Varghese Dr. Olga Varghese
email Olga Varghese
phone +49 (251) 83 33725
office 303
Antoine Beljean Antoine Beljean
email xeljean
phone +49 (251) 83 33725
office 303
Nils Leder Nils Leder
email Nils Leder
phone +49 (251) 83 33739
office 304
Cora Welsch Cora Welsch
email Cora Welsch
phone +49 (251) 83 33725
office 303

Master's and Diploma students

Okan Özkan

Former members

Pictures of our group in 2007, in 2010 and in 2012.

Dr. Jeroen Schillewaert
Dr. Rupert McCallum (now in Tübingen)(old web pages)
PD Dr. Barbara Baumeister
JProf.Dr. Petra Schwer (old web pages)
Dr. Jan Essert (old web pages)
Dr. Martin Laubinger (old web pages)
Dr. Frederick Magata (old web pages)
Dr. Daniel Skodlerack (old web pages)
Dr. Stefan Witzel (old web pages)
Dr. Markus-Ludwig Wermer

M.Sc. Ina Humpert
Dipl.-Math. Oskar Braun
Dipl.-Math. Catherina Köhl
M.Sc. Lukas Buggisch
Dipl.-Math. Esther Engberding
Dipl.-Math. Christian Habighorst
Dipl.-Math. Frank Rehfeldt
Dipl.-Math. Peter Hammer
Dipl.-Math. Holger Ante

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