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Buildings 2015: Talks

Mathematisches Institut, WWU Münster

September 28 - 30, 2015

Barbara Baumeister Conjugated cosets.
Anirban Bose Real elements in groups of type F4.
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace On the linearity of Ã2 groups.
Bastian Christ Quotient graphs for subgroups of PGL(3,Fq(t)).
Corina Ciobotaru Strongly transitive actions on affine ordered hovels.
Bart De Bruyn The Suzuki chain near polygons.
Anton Deitmar On Ihara zeta functions.
Matthias Grüninger Wild nearfields of dimension 2 over rational function fields.
Ralf Köhl On the rigidity of arithmetic Kac-Moody groups.
Rainer Löwen Parallelisms from gl-stars in real projective space - a direct proof.
Rupert McCallum Counting orbits of stabilisers in a non-uniform lattice.
Jeroen Meulewaeter 3-graphs for projective spaces.
James Parkinson Domesticity in spherical buildings.
Nicolas Radu Boundary 2-transitive automorphism groups of trees.
Guy Rousseau Compactifications of locally finite affine buildings.
Petra Schwer Studying affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties via folded galleries in buildings.
Koen Struyve Exceptional geometries of type C3.
Thierry Stulemeijer Convergence of algebraic groups over local fields.
Maneesh Thakur Automorphisms of Albert algebras.
Hendrik Van Maldeghem Inspecting apartments.
Stefan Witzel Solving equations to find uniform lattices.

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