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Buildings 2017: Talks

Mathematisches Institut, WWU Münster

October 4 - 6, 2017

Barbara Baumeister Mikado braids
Antoine Beljean The Leray-Serre spectral sequence applied to Euclidean buildings
Jonas Beyrer Cross ratios on Furstenberg boundaries
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace A 16-relator presentation of an infinite hyperbolic Kazhdan group
Corina Ciobotaru Cartan limits of SL(n,Qp)
Anneleen De Schepper Characterising singular Veronese varieties
Julia Heller Generalized non-crossing partitions and buildings
Ralf Köhl Kac-Moody symmetric spaces
Linus Kramer The Bruck-Ryser Theorem
Nils Leder Automorphisms of free products and property FA
Rainer Löwen Parallelisms on PG(3,R) and their automorphism groups
Timothée Marquis On geodesic ray bundles in buildings
Thierry Stulemeijer The automorphism groups of algebraic groups Maneesh Thakur On rational subgroups of F4
Hendrik Van Maldeghem Opposition diagrams
Christopher Voll Functional equations for submodule zeta functions associated to nilpotent algebras of endomorphisms
Cora Welsch The importance of maximal subgroups for the connectivity of the (finite index) coset poset of finitely generated infinite groups

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