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Buildings 2012: Talks

Mathematisches Institut, WWU Münster

October 1 - 3, 2012

Barbara Baumeister, News from permutation polytopes
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Automorphism groups of right-angled buildings
Mathieu Carette, Sharply 3 transitive groups and locally compact convergence groups
Corina Ciobotaru Gelfand pairs for groups acting on Euclidean buildings
Walter Freyn, Combinatorial geometry of Chevalley groups
Ralf Köhl, A building-theoretic approach to relative Tamagawa numbers in positive characteristic
Linus Kramer, Tits systems in Lie groups
Alexander Lytchak, Compact homogeneous geometries
Timothée Marquis, A fixed point theorem for Lie groups acting on buildings and applications to Kac-Moody theory
Rupert McCallum, A local-to-global result for some topological spherical buildings and topological twin buildings
Daniel Skodlerack, Geometric interpretation of intertwining and conjugacy of simple types
Koen Struyve, Two-transitive tree actions and rigidity results for Euclidean buildings
Katrin Tent, Simplicity of automorphism groups of right-angled buildings
Koen Thas, Regular points, and regular actions
Hendrik Van Maldeghem, A Mazzocca-Melone approach to Severi varieties
Olga Varghese, Fixed points for actions of Aut(Fn) on CAT(0) spaces
Joshua Wiscons, Moufang sets of finite Morley rank with nilpotent Hua subgroup
Stefan Witzel, Generalizations of Abels's groups and their Bredon-finiteness properties
Matthew Zaremsky, Higher generation for braid groups

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