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Mathematisches Institut, Universität Münster

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Buildings 2018: Talks

Mathematisches Institut, WWU Münster

October 4 - 6, 2018

Sebastian Bischof Extension theorem for wall-connected twin buildings
Jens Bossaert Universal groups on right-angled buildings
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace Groups with irreducibly unfaithful subsets and finite projective spaces
Corina Ciobotaru Central Limit Theorems on Grassmannians
Bart De Bruyn Projective embeddings of dual polar spaces
Anneleen De Schepper Holy geometries
Julius Grüning A Structure result on Kac-Moody symmetric spaces
Matthias Grüninger Special Moufang sets with abelian root groups
Paula Harring Spin groups corresponding to irreducible simply-laced Kac-Moody groups
Auguste Hébert Distances on a masure
Ralf Köhl On topological twin buildings and Kac-Moody symmetric spaces
Linus Kramer Buildings, past and present
Robin Lautenbacher Extending generalized spin representations
Nils Leder Property FA for automorphisms of free products
Rainer Löwen Parallelisms of PG(3,R) with 3-dimensional group
Timothée Marquis A structure theorem on one-ended Kac-Moody groups
Jeroen Meulewaeter Geometries associated to structurable algebras
Guy Rousseau Macdonald's formula for Hecke algebras associated to masures
Yuri Santos Rego Soluble linear groups and some building-like complexes
Petra Schwer Reflection length in affine Coxeter groups
Maneesh Thakur Rational subgroups and invariants of F4
Hendrik Van Maldeghem Equator geometries
Olga Varghese Planarity of Cayley graphs of graph products
Patrick Wegener Presentations for reflection groups
Richard Weiss Tits polygons

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