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Dilek Topkara

""Erasmus brings together new and experienced entrepreneurs from different European countries to share experiences and develop new international business perspectives,” he says. “This program has so far supported almost 5.000 business relationships between new entrepreneurs and their host entrepreneurs in a different country.”

Dilek Topkara has been running her cake design and bakery shop in Berlin since 2013. After graduating in Food Science and Technology she went to the UK with the EYE program, where she worked alongside an entrepreneur who taught her how to run a company. She also picked up tips on how to attract new clients from other countries and cultures. Dilek found many of her clients through the internet and social media."



New Entrepeneur:

Name: Nicolai Erbs (Deutschland)
Alter 31
Firmenname: Privalino / und (Start-up)
Tätigkeitsbereich: Ausrüstung und Dienstleistungen für Forschung & Entwicklung
There is no better way to start a business than to discuss ideas, create prototypes and test it with users. Erasmus for Entrepreneurs and Worpcloud have given me the change to do all this, while at the same time getting to know another country.
Nicolai Erbs

Host Entrepeneur:

Name: Baborde Balde (Großbritanien)
Alter: 32
Firmenname: WORPCLOUD LTD / (6 years of experience)
Tätigkeitsbereich: Ausstattung, Dienste und Materialien für IT, Büroumgebungen und Kommunikation

Zeitraum & Dauer des Austausches: 05/2016 - 07/2016 (3 Monate)

Web developer Nicolai Erbs knows that children, and particularly teens, love chatting on internet with other kids over the world. Yet, he is also well aware that these chat rooms are not without danger for unsupervised kids due to the anonymity of Internet. A criminal pretending to be another kid could be dangerous and could be luring the child into a meeting that can lead to sexual assault.

Protecting children from cyber-crimes is therefore the mission of Nicolai Erbs who, together with two of his friends, founded ‘Privalino’ in Hanover, Germany. The business offers child protection systems against internet crimes.

Nicolai, who is web developer, and his team work is to monitor suspicious conversations held between children and other people to identify any potential predator. If the suspicion is confirmed, the child and his/her parents are informed.

 Yet, though Nicolai is skilled and competent in his field, being in the early stage of his business, he nonetheless wanted a helpful hand from an experienced entrepreneur to learn about the management of a small business.

Thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme he got in touch with Bamborde Balde, owner of WORPCLOUD LTD, in Liverpool, United Kingdom. WORPCLOUD offers technical services including mobile apps and advanced web apps development. The company is also very international and Nicolai wanted to be in a multicultural environment.

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New Entrepeneur:

Name: Bernadett Lengyel (Ungarn)
Alter: 36
Firmenname: Start-up
Tätigkeitsbereich: Musik, Theater, Veranstaltungen und ähnliche Kultur- und Unterhaltungsdienste

Sometimes, when I think that my revolutionary vision or ideas are absurd, they are actually helpful to others as they change their way of seeing things
Bernadett Lengyel

Host Entrepeneur:

Name: Fernando Peracho (Spanien)
Alter: 48
Firmenname: Valid Foto BCN Gallery/ (14 years of experience)
Tätigkeitsbereich: Musik, Theater, Veranstaltungen und ähnliche Kultur- und Unterhaltungsdienste

Zeitraum & Dauer des Austausches: 11/2016 - 05/2017 (6 Monate)

Bernadett Lengyel is a Hungarian lady passionate about Art who has always dreamed of creating her own Art Gallery. Yet, it seemed that life has decided otherwise and Bernadett has studied a degree in a completely different topic.

After graduating in law from the University of Pazmany, she joined a law firm in Budapest. Shortly after, she flew to London in September 2008, to work as marketing and events manager at Lyoness Limited, a shopping community company.

It was only few years later, when Bernadett became a mother that her passion for Art came back to her life,as well as the idea of starting an art gallery as a new career path. However, she did not have any particular knowledge in the sector, so she felt lost despite her experience in supporting small business.

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