Transfer Prize

Since 2002 the University of Münster has awarded the Transfer Prize to members of the University in recognition of special achievements in the areas of research transfer and academic cooperation with non-university practice partners.

1. Who is eligible and what achievements are recognised? 
The Transfer Prize is awarded to members of the University of Münster who are cooperating or have demonstrably collaborated with non-university practice partners in a successful manner. Such partners include commercial enterprises, regional authorities, associations, unions, political parties and churches.

2. How much prize money is awarded and for what purpose may it be used?
The prize is endowed with 20,000 euros and can be divided among multiple winners. The prize money is to be used to further develop transfer-related activities and/or the public presentation of transfer accomplishments.

3. Who is entitled to nominate candidates?
All members of the University of Münster are entitled to nominate candidates for consideration. Self-nominations are permitted. Recommendations may also be submitted by the heads of cooperating practice partners. Proposals by students and academic/non-academic staff are only accepted when jointly submitted by the corresponding faculty/central facilities.

4. What formalities apply?
To nominate a candidate, the applicant must submit an informal application with his/her recommendation(s) along with a description of the concrete transfer achievement, its scientific background and its resulting/expected practical relevance in a max. 4-page Word file (sent as an email attachment), as well as a printed version sent by post in case of data loss. Practice partners must provide a statement in a max. 2-page Word file, describing the transfer achievement.

For the presentation of the application before the jury, the applicant is asked to present three to four PowerPoint slides. If the nomination concerns an IT-related project, the applicant should highlight this aspect accordingly by including illustrative material online via links.