Mathbridges Calendar

“Mathematicians like to build bridges.’ […] Since mathematics consists of islands of knowledge in an ocean of ignorance, only such bridges allow exchanging ideas from one island to another.”
Simon Singh (2000): Fermat's Last Theorem

With this quote, WWU Rector Prof. Johannes Wessels closes his opening remarks in the international MATHEBRIDGES calendar and invites everybody to venture the world, by calculating.

The Department of Mathematics Education and Computer Science Education and the Innovation Office of the University of Münster proundly announce the release of the perpetual international MATHEBRIDGES calendar. Together with a consortium of 12 international universities, this calendar was developed during the international math camp in June 2018 in Münster.

The aim of the project is to sharpen peoples view for mathematics in everyday life and to raise interest in international regional peculiarities.

Please feel free to download the calendar and enjoy a journey to various bridges in the world.

Opening of the international Mathbridges Camp by rector Prof. Johannes Wessels in June 2018
© Wessendorf AFO

Further information on the project can be found (in German) under the following links: