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The Mathematical Institutes: A concentration of academic competence

The Mathematical Institutes at Münster University are among the most renowned in Germany. Five Leibniz Award-winners and two winners of the Max Planck Research Prize teach and do research here. And, because bright minds attract other bright minds, over the past 15 years many of the chairs in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science have been held by a new generation of outstanding mathematicians.

Since 1990 research in Mathematics has been driven by two groups of junior researchers funded by the German Research Foundation, as well as by two collaborative research centres.  In the "Geometric Methods in Mathematics" Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 478), successful research was carried out on geometric structures and their further development as a method, as well as on their applications.

The "Groups, Geometry and Actions" Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 878) is currently looking at the interplay between various fields of mathematics. Exchanging ideas and solutions is designed to lead to new insights in a variety of fields.
The “Groups, Geometry and Actions” Collaborative Research Centre
Mathematics and Computer Science


Mathematics in Interaction

The research area "Mathematics in Interaction" is geared towards a large-scale exchange between top-level theoretical mathematical research and cutting-edge research in new fields of application. The dimensions of it are unrivalled in Germany, and it is also internationally innovative. Meanwhile, in addition to physics as a classic partner science, other scientific fields such as biology or medicine have also reached a level of precision that permits and necessitates mathematisation.

The University of Münster brings together a multiplicity of fields in which mathematisation is practised or required. It is the aim of the investigators to cross-link mathematics in a more institutionalised but flexible way with these university domains, and also to link the fields involved among themselves through the area of mathematics. The research area is intended to give impetus to all mathematical areas involved and to the research in the application projects.