Financial Support

Pro Talent - WWU Scholarship programme

Münster University awards scholarships of 300 euros a month in the context of a scholarship programme called "Deutschlandstipendium". The programme is partly funded by the German government and enterprises, foundations or private donors. Recipients of scholarships are chosen by the relevant departments. Financial support is not possible for anyone in their first semester. The principal requirements for receiving this scholarship are matriculation and above-average academic achievements.
Further information on the Pro Talent- Scholarship Programme [de]

Matching Funds scholarship

If during your studies you unexpectedly get into a situation in which you urgently need financial support, you can get help through the DAAD Matching Funds scholarship.

Please make an appointment at Die Brücke/International Centre of Münster University.

Detailed information on the Matching Fund scholarship

Non-university scholarships

Scholarships are also provided by sources outside the university. Information on amounts and on conditions of application can be found in the scholarship database of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
Click here for the DAAD database

The DAAD Award

Every year Münster University presents the DAAD Award to an international student in recognition of outstanding academic achievements and particular engagement in the socio-cultural field. The award is currently worth 1.000 euros. International students can ask a professor to put their name forward for this award.
Information on the DAAD Award

Scholarships from public and private foundation

Various organizations for promoting high ability make scholarships available for highly motivated students. The German Ministry of Education and Research, churches and private companies are among those supporting the scheme. In addition to purely financial support there is also a wide range of seminars, symposia, summer schools, workshops and much else besides. The focus here is not only on study-related topics but also on social, cultural or political issues outside the actual course of study being pursued.
"Scholarship Pilot" of the German Ministry of Education and Research

Financial support from state-run, party-affiliated or trade union foundations 

These foundations also offer scholarships for international students, under certain conditions. Please ask about specific requirements for applicants:

Please get in touch with the liaison lecturers at Münster University for further information on these foundations.
Liaison lecturers at Münster University

Scholarships from religious organizations

International students in the second phase of their studies can also apply for a scholarship to the Catholic Academic Service for Foreigners. The Cusanuswerk – the scholarship body of the Catholic Church in Germany – provides financial support for international students under certain conditions, particularly in the area of funding for doctoral degrees. The community of catholic students (KSHG) provides advice on both scholarships.

The Hildegardis Verein provides financial support for female students in Germany, in individual cases also for Catholic women from abroad who are studying in Germany or undertaking further vocational or professional training here. The Community of Catholic Students (KSHG) provides detailed advice on this scholarship. 
Information on the Hildegardis Verein
Katholische Studierendengemeinde (KSHG)

The German Albertus Magnus Verein provides financial support – as a rule in the form of interest-free loans – for German and international catholic students. The financial support is designed to enable students to complete their studies. Support is given both financially and in the provision of cheap accommodation. Here too the community of catholic students (KSHG) provides detailed advice. 
Information on the Albertus Magnus Verein
Katholische Studierendengemeinde (KSHG)