Human Performance and Training in Sports

Welcome to the Department of Human Performance and Training in Sports at the Westfälische Wilhelms-University of Münster. Central questions in research concern performances in motoric, cognitive and biomechanic areas and their modification due to training interventions.

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Eric Eils

Federal Institute of Sports Science (Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft-BiSp) supports beach-handball project

Federal Institute of Sports Science (Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft-BiSp) supports beach-handball project
© BISp

The Federal Institute of Sports Science supports a new project of the work unit Leistung und Training im Sport focussing on beach-handball.
The project entitelt  Evaluierung von Trainingsmaßnahmen für einen effizienten Transfer spielrelevanter Leistungskriterien vom Hallen- zum Beachhandball und vice versa  will be supported over a period of two years.  Cooperation partner is the German Handball Federation (Deutscher Handball Bund - DHB). Read more...

Joint Action
Coordination In Dyads When Performing A Joint Action Task
© Eric Eils

When two or more people aim to produce joint action outcomes they need to coordinate their individual actions in space and time. Successful joint action performance has been reported to depend, among others, on visual and somatosensory information provided to the joint actors. This study investigated whether and how the systematic manipulation of visual information modulates real-time joint action when dyads performed a whole-body joint balance task. Read more...

Workplace health
Evaluation of an individualized compensatory exercise intervention for university employees with high levels of sedentary behaviour
© Carsten Müller

To evaluate an individualized physical exercise intervention program for university (WWU) employees focusing on the reduction of strength and mobility asymmetries of the trunk, particularly of the cervical spine... Read more...

Analyzing head accelerations
Evaluation of a neuromuscular exercise intervention to decrease head accelerations following (un-)anticipated (in-)direct impacts in sports games
© Carsten Müller

We analyze head accelerations following anticipated (in-)direct impacts in youth sports games (heading in football, jump throw in handball) to examine the association of head accelerations and maximal isometric strength of the cervical musculature and to evaluate their impact on cognitive performance and postural control... Read more...