Computational Modeling

We are developing various models of the musculoskeletal system, ranging from models describing single muscular contractions, antagonistic muscles acting at a single joint, up to complex 3D models of the human body NeuroBoB.
During the last two years we developed in cooperation with James Shippen, University Coventry, UK, a complex 3D-model of a human. The model can be used to perform mixed dynamical simulations, i.e. one can choose which joints will be driven by measured kinematics (inverse dynamics) and which joints will be driven by muscular forces (forward dynamics). These models can be used to describe and better understand the human dynamic system.
Recently we worked on a more physiological model of the muscles and we included a simple model of the sensory muscle spindles, i.e. Ia-afferences and II-afferences.
At the moment we improve an optimization algorithm to distribute the muscular activation to generate the required torques at a joint.

PIs: Heiko Wagner, Kim Boström
Co-operations: James Shippen, Coventry University, UK