Finished projects


A01 – Molecular-functional imaging of endothelial disfunction in vivo (Michael Schäfers, Bodo Levkau, 07/2005–06/2009)
A03 – Specific imaging of activated caspases in apoptosis
(Klaus Kopka, Michael Schäfers, 07/2005–06/2013)
A05 – Cardiac autonomic innervation (Marylin Law, Paulus Kirchhof, Burkhard Riemann, 07/2005–06/2009)
A08 – Molecular imaging of sodium channels in the heart – from models to patients (Larissa Fabritz, Paulus Kirchhof, Günter Haufe, 07/2009–06/2013)
PM01 – Dual Signal Probes for Optical and PET Imaging (Luisa De Cola, 09/2006–06/2008)
PM10 – Development of a fluorinated PET tracer for imaging of CCR5 receptors (Bernhard Wünsch, 07/2010–06/2011)


B06 – Development of a multimodal high-resolution small animal PET based on multi-wire proportional counters (Klaus Schäfers, Johannes Wessels, 07/2009–06/2013)
– Development and construction of a small animal PET camera (Johannes Wessels, 07/2006–06/2009)
PM03 – Simultaneous molecular functional phenotyping of selected disease models: Adaptation, evaluation, and validation of computer based methods for quantitation of functio-anatomical parameters of the cardiac function using PET in comparison to MRI (Lars Stegger, Klaus Schäfers, 07/2006–06/2007)
PM06 – Non-linear variational methods for improved quantitative analysis of cardiac H215O data (Martin Burger, Klaus Schäfers, 01/2008–12/2008)
PM09 – Modeling of blood flow for a arteriosclerosis model (Mario Ohlberger, Timo Ropinski, Michael Schäfers, 10/2010–09/2011)
PM13 – Parallel 4D image reconstruction methods (Sergei Gorlatch, 10/2011–03/2012)
PM15 – Novel approaches for life optical imaging of vascular development and pathologies (Friedemann Kiefer, Andreas Faust, 07/2011–06/2013)

Organ function

C02 – PET-CT to evaluate morphology and endothelial function as well as progression in patients with coronary artery diseas (CAD) (Thomas Wichter, Roman Fischbach, Otmar Schober, 07/2005–06/2009)
C03 – Ultrasound-based molecular imaging (Jörg Stypmann, Xiaoyi Jiang, 07/2005–06/2013)
C08 – Functional imaging of anti-vascular treatment strategies with soluble tissue factor (Rolf M. Mesters, Christoph Bremer, 07/2009–06/2013)
PM12 – Ultrasound-based diagnostic of acute allograft rejection (Klaus Tiemann, Stefan Reuter, Alexander Grabner, Uta Schnöckel, 07/2010–06/2011)
PM14 – Imaging of cardiovascular remodelling lacking the vascular basement membrane protein laminin α5 (Lydia Sorokin, Sven Hermann, 07/2011–06/2013)
PM16 – Multimodal imaging to detect endovascular Staphylococcus aureus infections (Bettina Löffler, Cornelius Faber, 02/2012–06/2013)

Scientific service projects

Z01 – Interactive 3D-visualisation of multiparametric cardiovascular imaging data (Timo Ropinski, Klaus Hinrichs, 07/2005–06/2013)
– Identfication and realization of building blocks for decision systems for medical research (Timo Ropinski, 01/2008–12/2008)

Administration and public outreach

PM11 – Visual aids and teaching material for public relations (Doris Niederhoff, Susanne Weckesser, 07/2010–06/2011)


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