Involved research groups

Research field & research group

Speaker: Bart Jan Ravoo, Helmut Zacharias

Research Field Coordination
 A Synthesis and self-assembly Bart Jan Ravoo
 B Controllable nanomaterials Jürgen Klingauf
C Nanotools Harald Fuchs

Principle Investigators of the SoN

Field Name Unit Topic of research
A, C Lifeng Chi Physics Self-assembly of organic materials
A, C Harald Fuchs Physics Nanolithography and nanoanalytics
A Volker Gerke Medicine Dynamics of vesicles
A, B Andreas Heuer    Chemistry Theory of complex systems
B, C Jürgen Klingauf Medicine Cellular light nanoscopy
C Wolfram Pernice FOKUS Physics Nanophotonics and single-photon detection
A, B Bart Jan Ravoo FOKUS Chemistry Synthesis of nanoscale systems
B Monika Schönhoff Chemistry Polymer nanocapsules
A Armido Studer Chemistry Polymers and surface chemistry
A, C Helmut Zacharias Physics Electron dynamics of chiral systems
Appointment in progress FOKUS Biology Interdisciplinary quantitative cell biology
Recruitment in progress FOKUS Medicine Electron tomography of three dimensional nanomaterials

Further research groups of specific contribution of the SoN

C Heinrich Arlinghaus Physics Mass-specific structural analysis
A, B Nikos Doltsinis Physics Theory of functional nanosystems
A Frank Glorius Chemistry Organometallic lattice structures
B Klaus Langer Pharmacy Nanoparticular carrier systems
A, B Jens Müller Chemistry DNA hybrid materials
B Johannes Neugebauer    Chemistry Theory of functional nanosystems
B Johannes Roth Medicine Immuno-functional nanoparticles
B Roland Wedlich-Söldner Medicine Self-assembly of membrane domains
C Gerhard Wilde    Physics Nanostructured hybrid materials

Junior groups in the field of soft nanoscience

A Svetlana Gurevich WWU 11/2012    Theory of self-assembly
C Christiane Höppener NRW Return program Nanobiophotonics
A Cristian Strassert WWU 07/2010 Photoactive Nanomaterials