Welcome Martin Wolff!

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Martin Wolff joins the group as PhD-student. Welcome Martin!

Blockchain - Chancen, Recht und Regulierung

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Jun.-Prof. N. Guggenberger of Münster's Institute for Information, Telecommunication and Media Law (ITM) and the RWTÜV-Stiftung invite for an event discussing opportunities, legislation and regulation of Blockchain technology on November 7th at Erbdrostenhof Münster. We will also be discussing how quantum technology could affect Blockchain implementations: register here!
Read a news article about how the event went: here!

Highlights der Physik

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Visit us at the "Highlights der Physik" science fair from September 19.-23. on Münster's Schlossplatz!
In collaboration with The Institute of Photonic Sciences - ICFO (Barcelona, Spain) and qutools GmbH (Munich, Germany) we are presenting an interactive experiment where you can test the predictions of quantum physics yourself!

Game on!
Game on! Visit us at the Highlights der Physik - Exhibition and test the predictions of quantum theory. Try to generate randomness and we will translate your input into live measurement settings on entangled photons that nature couldn't possibly predict. Who is right: Niels Bohr or Albert Einstein? Find out at booth S9!
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Game on!
© C. Schuck
Game on!
© C. Schuck

Opening for a PhD-position

Nbtin Sspd Web
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We are looking for a new PhD candidate to work on nanophotonics and superconducting single-photon detectors: check out our Jobs section and apply before September 3rd!

Winners of the Physicists Feud!

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Philip secures travel funds from the DAAD!


PhD-Position and Master-Thesis projects avaialble!


Discussing quantum computing at the Institute for Information, Telecommunication and Media Law (ITM)

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Carsten speaks at the ITM (Faculty of law) about how quantum computers affect IT-security.  Thank you Prof. N. Guggenberger for the invitation and the interesting discussion across faculty boundaries!

Welcome Philip Schrinner!

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Inaugural lecture of Jun.-Prof. Doris Reiter & Jun.-Prof. Carsten Schuck.

Inaugural lecture
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Discussing Nanotechnology with political leaders.