Current staff

Hartmut Bracht

apl. Prof. Dr. Hartmut Bracht

Tel.: (0251) 83-39004
room 613 b
e-mail: bracht

Student Advisory Services
Consulting hours:
Monday and Wednesday from 13:00 to 14:00
and by arrangement

M. Sc. Ansgar Donner

M. Sc. Ansgar Donner

Tel.: (0251) 83-39003
room 613 a
e-mail: ansgar.donner

Germanium nanocrystalls in silicon dioxide layers

M. Sc. Tobias Südkamp

M. Sc. Tobias Südkamp

Tel.: (0251) 83-39010
room 623
e-mail: tobias.suedkamp

Doping dependency of boron diffusion. Self-diffusion of silicon.

Marina Munoz Castro

M. Sc. Marina Munoz Castro

Tel: (02 51) 83-36753

room L.2.015 (MEET)
e-mail: m_muno03

Optische Eigenschaften von Interkalationsmaterialien

Jan Kirschbaum

M. Sc. Jan Kirschbaum

Tel.: (0251) 83-39010
room 623
e-mail: jan.kirschbaum

Modeling of self-diffusion in amorphous semiconductor

Caroline Girmen
© Institut für Materialphysik Münster

Caroline Girmen

Tel.: (0251) 83-39010
room 623
e-mail: c_girm01

Pump and probe study on heat transfer in thin layers

Kipke Felix

B. Sc. Felix Kipke

Tel.: (0251) 83-39010
room 623
e-mail: k_feli02

Material transport in germanium

© Institut für Materialphysik Münster

B. Sc. Dražen Radić

Tel.: (0251) 83-39010
room 623
e-mail: drazen.radic

Electron microscopy study on amorphous semiconductor materials


Fabian Langer

M. Sc. Fabian Langer

e-mail: fabian.langer

Boron diffusion in germanium

Peter Uffink

M. Sc. Peter Üffink

e-mail peter.ueffink

Integration von Feststoffionenleitern in optische Aktuatoren

Soizic Eon

Dr. Soizic Eon

e-mail: s.eon

Isotopically enriched silicon multilayers with thermoelectrical practice

Johannes Ewering

M. Sc. Johannes Ewering

e-mail: j_ewer01

Radiation enhanced silicon self-diffusion

Manuel Radek

Dr. Manuel Radek

e-mail: manuel.radek

Atomic mixing in isotipycally enriched multilayers

Fabian Breitschwerdt

Fabian Breitschwerdt

e-mail: f.breitschwerdt

Scanning Spreading Resistance Measurements of Semiconductors

Rafael Frieling
© Rafael Frieling

Dr. Rafael Frieling

e-mail: rafael.frieling

Simulation of phase formation in the Fe-Zn system and MD simulation of thermal conductivity in nano structured silicon

Jonas Fenke

B. Sc. Jonas Fenke

e-mail: j_fenk01

Chemical vapour deposition of diethylzinc as alternate zinc coating process of steel

M. Sc. Thomas Kohne

M. Sc. Thomas Kohne

e-mail: thomas.kohne

Zn coating with diffusion treatments

B. Sc. Thorsten Teuber

B. Sc.Thorsten Teuber

e-mail: t_teub01

Self-diffusion in amorphous silicon

B. Sc. Daniel Trampe

B. Sc. Daniel Trampe

Impact of inner and outer electrical fields on the hydrogen diffusion in magnesium doped gallium arsenide

Rasa Staskunaite

Dr. Rasa Staskunaite

Alexander Alexewicz

Dr. Alexander Alexewicz


Manuel Adolf

Dipl. Phys. Manuel Adolf


50678 Köln