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Technical Details
Cold-seal vessels consist of a vessel manufactured from a superalloy rod with a hole drilled almost through the rod. The end of the vessel with the pressure seal is outside the furnace ("cold-seal"), and is formed by a simple cone seal. The pressure medium is water. Pressure and temperature are controlled by pressure gauges and Ni-Cr-thermocouples. Maximum run temperature and pressure of the Münster cold-seal pressure vessels are 800°C and 5000 bar, respectively. Advantage of the cold-seal vessels is an accurate pressure and temperature control. Disadvantages are inverse relationships between operating temperature und pressure and severe limits of the working temperature range due to external heating of the vessel.
Cold-seal pressure vessels are work-horse upper crust machines as they easily alloy simulation of temperatures and pressures relevant for magmatic and metamorphic processes within the upper crust of the Earth. Research projects at our institute are investigations of melting and differentiation of granites, low temperature / pressure metamorphic phase relation studies, and hydrothermal synthesis of minerals.
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