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The Department of Communication (IfK) is one of leading institutes in research and teaching in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the latest university rankings, drawn up by the Centre for Higher Education Development (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung), Communication Science of the University of Münster achieved top marks in all the categories assessed.

Approved: Interdisciplinary Junior Research Group “Democratic Resilience in Times of Online-Propaganda, Fake News, Fear- and Hate speech” at the Department of Communication (IfK)

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© Susanne Lüdeling

How do Online Propaganda and related phenomena spread, which effects do they have and how can media users be assisted, in order to resist manipulation attempts online? Starting January 2018, the interdisciplinary junior research group “Democratic Resilience in Times of Online-Propaganda, Fake News, Fear- and Hate speech” led by Dr. Lena Frischlich will investigate these questions. With nearly one million euros, the project is funded by the Land of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), NRW, through the funding line “Democracy’s Protection and Reinforcement in the Digitized Society”.

New project: Interfaces and Collaboration in Municipal Communication in cooperation with the city of Münster

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© Susanne Lüdeling / IfK

How can collaboration of municipal communication in the different departments of a city become organized future-oriented, while its duties and responsibilities are increasingly extensive? The project „Interfaces and Collaboration in Municipal Communication“ which is conducted in cooperation with the city of Münster, is aiming to answer this question. The project starts at December 1st and will be led by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Röttger and Dominik Czeppel.

New DFG-project regarding Media Biographies of German Chancellors started at the IfK

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Led by Dr. Thomas Birkner (WWU) and Dr. Benjamin Krämer (LMU), the new DFG-project “Media Biographies of German Chancellors” aims to explore the significance of the media in the chancellors’ biographies. Sebastian Mallek (IfK Muenster) and Katharina Schmidt (IfKW Muenchen) will be research assistants in the two-year project, funded with 250.000 Euro from the DFG.