The WWU Graduate Centre offers individual advisory services for PhD students and PostDocs in all interdisciplinary aspects, e.g. the organisation of the PhD studies. Moreover, we can advise you in conflict situations. The general advisory service is offered by Dr. Jan Schmidt.

Please arrange an appointment via email or phone:, +49 251 83-23112.



The WWU Graduate Centre offers individual or group advisory service for postdocs in all cross-disciplinary issues (general advisory service, career planning, conflict situations, etc.). Dr. Annah Keige-Huge is there for you and you can either E-Mail her or call her at +49 251 83-23119 to schedule an appointment.

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International PhD students

The individual advisory services for international PhD students are offered by Ms. Katarzyna Krukar (maternity leave cover for Sabine Schneider) in room 103. Feel free to drop by during the open office hours (Tue & Thu, 10 a.m. to noon) or set an appointment:, +49 251 83-23111.

Please note that there won't be any advisory service on the 14th/16th/21st of November 2017.

Academic writing

Dr. Elmar Elling advises and supports PhDs and PostDocs on academic writing (in German).

To arrange an appointment with Dr. Elling  please contact him via email or phone (, +49 251 83-23111).

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For women

In cooperation with the equal opportunity office we created a new service that focusses on women who need advice on the following topics:

- Doing a PhD - pros and cons
- Career development
- Clarifiying perspectives
- Advisory service in conflict situations

The service is offered by Ms. Janine Tratzki. Please ask for an appointment via email: or by telephone +49 251 83-29710.


The development of one's career is very important during the transition from studies to doctoral studies but also from doctoral studies to a postdoctoral fellowship. By offering a comprehensive course programme and advisory services the WWU Graduate Centre collaborates with other institutions and provides a foundation for a self-reflective and deliberate dicision regarding one's personal future developments.

The Career Service provides offers in these areas:

  • Practice and employment related events and internships
  • Courses and individual consultations regarding the development of one's professional profiles
  • Courses on application strategies and techniques

Overview of the Career Service's current programme

PhD funding

Most of the PhDs work at the institute or the respective chair during their PhD or are financed by the graduate school. However, there is also the opportunity of applying for a PhD scholarship to a foundation. The WWU's doctoral students interested in this option may receive support from Ms. Linda Dieks at  the advisory service for external, +49 251 83-21083.

Frequently PhDs consider doctoral studies abroad. These might be financed and you may find further information about financing institutions and requirements in the scholarship data base of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.