The first trees appeared in the Middle - Late Devonian. One of the oldest fossil forests was found in the famous Gilboa locality (Givetian). The Late Devonian Archaeopteris has fronds with fan-shaped leaflets and is a well-known example of an early tree. This latter form belongs to the group of the Progymnosperms. The silicified wood of Archaeopteris is known as Callixylon. Callixylontrunks may reach a considerable diameter.

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Gilboa Forest  Prof. Robert Titus, Hartwick College  
Progymnosperms Univ. California Mus. Paleontology, Berkeley  
Tetraxylopteris schmidtii Virtual Paleobotany Laboratory  
The genus Archaeopteris was originally established for Devonian foliage with fan-shaped pinnules. Archaeopteris is very widespread and has been reported from North and South America, Europe and  Aisa; several localities have yielded very large frond portions, e.g., Bear Island (Arctic), Kiltorckan (Ireland). The leaves bear macro- and microsporangia which are roughly of the same size and shape. The foliage has been correlated with the petrified wood Callixylon and the name Archaeopteris is also used for the reconstructed plant. 
Archaeopteris Univ. California Mus. Paleontology, Berkeley  
Archaeopteris Kathleen Pigg's "Plant Fossils and Evolution" Sterile and fertile leaves
Archaeopteris Paleontologisk Museum, Oslo  
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Archaeopteris ABC News - Science Same pictures as above
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Archaeopteris The Forestry Source News item - mainly text
Archaeopteris gaspensis Virtual Paleobotany Laboratory  
Archaeopteris halliana Senckenberg, Frankfurt am Main Illustration on a stamp !
Archaeopteris halliana Parcs Canada  
Archaeopteris hibernica The Cork Geology Museum (Ireland)  
Archaeopteris hibernica Palaeobotany, Royal Holloway University London  
Callixylon is the wood of the Archaeopteris tree
Callixylon Virtual Paleobotany Laboratory radial section
Callixylon Virtual Paleobotany Laboratory tangential section
Callixylon Virtual Paleobotany Laboratory permineralized trunk
Callixylon Plant fossils of Kentucky, KGS  
Callixylon East Central University, Ada, OK  
Callixylon Univ. California Mus. Paleontology, Berkeley  same picture as above, in reverse!
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