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Angewandte Geologie'

Applied Geology

Applied geology is about geology related to human activity. It focuses on human impact on groundwater, surface water, soils and sediments and the resulting effects for ecosystems and human health. Our research field is environmental geology and particularly centers on chemical analysis, the occurrence, behaviour, fate, and effects of organic pollutants.

Angewandte Geologie

Open access publication, 17.06.2015

Time to say Goodbye to the 16 EPA-PAHs?
Overview of PACs (Table)

Disputation Wiebke Meyer, 10.07.2015

Disputation Wiebke Meyer, 10.07.2015

from left to right: Prof. Dr. Harald Strauß, Prof. Dr. Christine Achten, Dr. Wiebke Meyer, Prof. Dr. Henner Hollert, Prof. Dr. Jan Schwarzbauer, Prof. Dr. Hans Kerp

Bioavailability and toxicity of native polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAC) from coals and the impact of geosorbents on the oral bioaccessibility of anthropogenic PAC

HeitfeldpreisträgerInnen 2015, 26.06.2015

HeitfeldpreisträgerInnen 2015

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Marius Römer (3rd from left):
Isotopenhydrochemie in den Baumbergen

Disputation Christian Stader, 18.06.2015

Disputation Christian Stader, 18.06.2015

from left to right: Prof. Dr. Harald Strauß, Prof. Dr. Christine Achten, Dr. Christian Stader, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Benter, Prof. Dr. Hans Kerp, in the middle per Skype™ Prof. Dr. Otto Klemm

Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Method development and first applications using gas chromatography - atmospheric - pressure laser ionization - time-of-flight - mass spectrometry (GC-APLI-MS) and thermal desorption/pyrolysis - comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (TDPyr-GCxGC-MS)

HeitfeldpreisträgerInnen 2014, 11.07.2014

HeitfeldpreisträgerInnen 2014

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Debora Reinke (3rd from left):
Implementierung einer Analysenmethode für Arzneimittel und Pestizide in Wasser mittels Flüssigchromatographie-Ultrahochauflösungs-Massenspektrometrie (LC-UHR-TOF-MS) und Anwendung auf die Münstersche Aa (NRW)

Tjark Beer (3rd from right):
Charakterisierung von polyzyklischen aromatischen Kohlenwasserstoffen in Ruß aus der Verbrennung verschiedener Holzarten mittels Gaschromatographie - Atmosphärendruck - Laser - Ionisation - Flugzeitmassenspektrometrie

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