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ASTM International Paper Aging Research Reports now available on CD

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ASTM International (the American Society for Testing and Materials) conducted an eight year program of research and test method standards making which was completed in 2002. Five internationally distinguished laboratories were involved. The objective of the program was to sufficiently understand the science of the aging of printing and writing paper that reliable test methods could be developed. The test methods were intended to permit all producers and users of printing and writing papers to reliably predict the long term stability of such papers.

Three means to accelerate paper aging were studied. They were elevated temperature, elevated light flux and increased concentration of atmospheric pollutant gas. The laboratories involved included the Preservation and Research Testing Lab at the US Library of Congress in Washington, DC, where temperature accelerated aging was studied. At the Canadian Conservation Institute lab in Ottawa, ON, Canada, companion investigations into temperature aging were undertaken.

Light aging was studied at the USDA Forest Product Laboratory in Madison, WI and at KCL (the Finnish Pulp and Paper Research Institute) in Espoo, Finland.

Atmospheric pollutant gas aging was evaluated by the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

Extensive reports of the scientific studies were written by each laboratory. To ensure that the findings and conclusions reached were scientifically sound, the reports were given peer review by panels of independent, third party scientists and paper conservators. The happy news was that all five works were found to be scientifically sound. That meant that the recommended test methods were also found to be scientifically sound.

As the result of this work, a compact disk has been prepared that contains all five scientific reports in their entirety. It is now available for purchase from ASTM at the nominal price of $10.00 in North America or $13.00 for foreign orders. These prices include shipping. Those who wish to order a copy of the CD should contact ASTM International as follows:

ASTM International
Customer Service Department
100 Barr Harbor Drive
West Conshohocken, PA 19482-2959
Telefon: 610-832-9585
Fax: 610-832-9555
Internet Orders:

The CD is ASTM International's first electronic version of a formal ASTM Research Report. It is a technical publication bearing its own reference in published ASTM standard tests as Research Report (RR#) D06-1006.

It is felt that this scientific information will be important for libraries, archives, and museums to have in their collections. Margaret Byrnes of the National Library of Medicine, Susan Lee-Bechtold of the National Archives and Records Administration, and Janet Gertz of Columbia University were on the sponsor review panel as Technical Advisors during the execution of the research work. They were involved to represent the library, archive and museum communities. They endorse the recommendation that such organizations add this document to their collections.

As the outgrowth of the research program, three new test methods were submitted for ballot in the ASTM process. All three successfully passed the consensus ballot process and are now available methods. They can be acquired from ASTM by those interested in testing the long term stability of either new or old papers. For those who desire copies, the designation of each method follows:

Temperature aging method: ASTM D 6819-02
Pollutant aging method: ASTM D 6833-02
Light aging method: ASTM D 6789-02

For questions or additional information on this product, please contact ASTM Standards Manager Thomas O'Toole:
Telefon: 610-832-9739


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