Small Animal Imaging Workshop

November 22–26, 2010 in Münster

We are glad to offer the first hands-on Small Animal Imaging Workshop at the University of Münster. Major players in the field will introduce you to the imaging technologies for studying rodents. Each attendee will study animals with all different imaging modalities in small groups (2-4 participants). Individuals with experience in small animal imaging as well as beginners are welcome to join our workshop. The course is certified as module III of the curriculum „Preclinical Imaging in Small Laboratory Animals“ of the German Association of Nuclear Medicine (DGN). CME credit points are applied for from the Medical Association.

Topics include:

  • animal handling: i.v./i.p. injection, tail vein catheter, anaesthesia
  • μPET: static and dynamic scanning, CT fusion
  • μCT: in vivo scans +/- contrast agents, respiratory gating
  • μMRI: in vivo scans +/- contrast agents, cardiac & respiratory gating
  • ultrasound: hands-on scanning +/- contrast agents
  • optical imaging: fluorescence, bioluminescence
  • additional methods: autoradiography, biodistribution, cell labelling
  • image analysis: methods, coregistration, quantification
Please note: Large portions of the workshop are held in radiation areas, where access for pregnant women is not permitted!


9:00 Breakfast session
Introduction & Safety Instructions
10:30 Imaging lecture: PET
Betrand Tavitian, MD, Paris
11:30 Lunch lecture: PET
Michael Schäfers, MD, Münster
13:30 - 15:30
Hands-on-session I
16:00 - 18:00
Hand-on-session II

8:30 - 10:30
Hands-on-session III
11:00 ENCITE imaging lecture: MRI
Gustav Strijkers, PhD, Eindhoven
12:00 Lunch lecture: MRI
Cornelius Faber, PhD, Münster
14:00 - 16:00
Hands-on-session IV
16:30 - 18:30
Hands-on-session V

Hands-on-session VI
Imaging lecture: Ultrasound
Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie, MD, Boston
12:00 Lunch lecture: Ultrasound
Klaus Tiemann, MD, Münster
Hands-on-session VII
Hands-on-session VIII

Hands-on-session IX
11:00 ENCITE imaging lecture: Optical Imaging
Nikolaos Deliolanis, PhD, Munich
12:00 Lunch lecture: Optical Imaging
Andreas Jacobs, MD, Münster
Hands-on-session X
Social event

8:30–10:30 Hands-on-session XI
11:00 Imaging lecture: CT
Fabian Kiessling, MD, Aachen
12:00–13:30 Lunch discussion & evaluation

Registration fee & event details

Regular attendees        
(academic institutes)
Early bird rate
(registration until 10 Sept. 2010)      
EUR 700,– EUR 800,– EUR 1400,–
Regular rate
EUR 900,– EUR 1000,– EUR 1600,–

The registration fee includes:

  • handout materials
  • breakfast on the first day
  • lunch for all workshop days
  • all costs for tracers, contrast agents, animals etc. needed during the workshop
  • rental bike
  • social event

Discounts and payment

Special rates for members of the EU FP 7 networks "Image-Controlled Ultrasound-Induced Drug Delivery" (Sonodrugs) and "European Network for Cell Imaging" (ENCITE) are available on request. Members of the German Association for Nuclear Medicine (DGN) recei¬ve a EUR 50,– discount. Please provide a confirmation of the network or your DGN member number at registration. Upon registration you receive an invoice which is payable within two weaks.

Cancellation fees:

until 1 October 2010: EUR 50,–
until 1 November 2010: EUR 250,–
after 1 November 2010: full registration rate

Locations & Transportation

Our programme takes place at locations and laboratories that are in close proximity. As Münster is Germany‘s bicycle metropolis and for a quick and simple transpor¬tation, a rental bike is included in the fee.


There is a room contingent available in three nearby hotels. Please book with the keyword "Small Animal Imaging Workshop":

Hotel Jellentrup
single room per night: EUR 74,-
available until 24 October 2010

Hotel am Schlosspark (
single room per night: EUR 77,-
available until 24 October 2010

Stadthotel Münster (
single room per night: EUR 88,-
available until 5 November

Contact & Registration

Elisabeth Bothe
European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI)
Mendelstr. 11, D-48149 Münster
Tel.: +49 251 83-49300, Fax: +49 251 83-49313

Registration form (pdf)
Flyer (pdf)

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