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During your studies

While you are studying at the WWU you can continue to learn German.

You may visit the course-related German classes of the WWU’s language centre (Sprachenzentrum).

Language Tandem

There are different possibilities to improve your language skills with a language tandem.

The projects that take place in the Brücke do not only pay attention to the possibilty to learn and improve languages but also to meet people. With this form [en] you can apply or you may just come to the Café Couleur and ask for information.

If you take part in a language tandem at the Sprachenzentrum you can obtain credit points.


Spelling check (German)

We help you with your spelling, checking your reports and term papers which are written in German language.

If you need help with your reports and term papers in German you can find detailed information here [de] (German)


Assistance for learning German

You want to improve your German language skills?

If you want for example to prepare for an exam in German language courses you can find information here [de]