Stochastic processes

 Sport statistics
Soccer 50

We analyse the time series of soccer matches. Using statistical procedures, known from the analysis of physical systems, we try to identify the underlying mechanisms of a series of soccer matches. Several questions can be tackled. Do series exist? Are non-Markovian effects important to describe the time series of a soccer team. How important are systematic and statistical contributions to the present fitness of a team? What is the minimum set of parameters to characterize the statistical properties of a soccer league? In future work we plan to analyse in-match statistics to reveal psychological effects during a soccer match.

A. Heuer, O. Rubner Fitness, chance, and myths: an objective view on soccer results
Submitted to Eur. Phys. J. B; arXiv: 0803.0614 (2008)

Wieso beschäftigen sich Physiker mit Fußball?

Physik Journal / Juli 2008

Süddeutsche Zeitung / März 2008

Bild / Februar 2008


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