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Group September 2013 Dr. Chang Guo Dr. Holger Frank Daniel Tang Karin Gottschalk Basudev Sahoo Daniel Paul Dr. Stephan Beckendorf Dr. Junlong Li Daniel Janßen-Müller Svenja Röwer Sören Asmus Nadine Kuhl Corinna Nimphius Renate Rohlmann Dr. Matthew Hopkinson Michael Schedler Bernhard Beiring Christian Richter Mercedes Zurro de la Fuente Tobias Stopka Dr. Da-Gang Yu Dr. Karl Collins Dr. Dongbing Zhao Dr. Mélissa Boultadakis-Arapinis Andreas Rühling Fabian Lied Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius

From left to right (front row): Daniel Janßen-Müller, Dr. Chang Guo, Basudev Sahoo, Daniel Tang, Dr. Da-Gang Yu, Dr. Dongbing Zhao. Second row: Svenja Röwer, Dr. Junlong Li, Renate Rohlmann (AK García), Bernhard Beiring, Dr. Karl Collins, Nadine Kuhl, Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius. Third row: Karin Gottschalk, Daniel Paul, Michael Schedler, Corinna Nimphius, Dr. Mélissa Boultadakis-Arapinis, Andreas Rühling. Back row: Dr. Holger Frank, Christian Richter, Mercedes Zurro de la Fuente (AK García), Dr. Matthew Hopkinson, Tobias Stopka (AK García), Dr. Stephan Beckendorf (AK García), Sören Asmus (AK García), Fabian Lied. September 2013
Dr. Olga García Mancheño, Jedrzej Wysocki, Dr. Zhuangzhi Shi, Nils Schröder, Cornelia Weitkamp and Marwin Segler AK García) are missing in this picture.
On bottom left: Small group picture from ChemCup 2013 (gets enlarged on hover). On bottom right: Group September 2013. 


In these exciting times with many great challenges ahead, we are a team of highly motivated young chemists trying to make a difference: CATALYSIS is a green key technology of the present & even more of the future. In addition, we believe that Germany and Europe need a change in mentality towards AUFBRUCHSTIMMUNG and OPTIMISM! Let's go for it!

Fully funded Ph.D. studentships and postdoctoral positions are available for suitably qualified and highly dedicated individuals. Please, apply!

We are participants in the research school MEA (compounds for energy applications). Please, see the MEA web page for more details:

Group meetings

Seminars take place in room O2.
Literature seminar: Monday at 17.15 pm.
Research seminar: Friday at 8.15 am.
Guests are always welcome!

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