Trachea of a fruit fly embryo (Drosophila). The cell membranes were labelled with different fluorescent proteins using the “brainbow” technique. The membranes of some cells (left) were segmented and displayed using software.
© Dominique Förster, Stefan Luschnig

International CiM Symposium 2017

Cells in Motion: Pattern formation in space and time
Münster, 4–6 September 2017

Meeting venue: lecture hall GEO1, Heisenbergstraße 2


Please register until 15 July 2017. Participation is free of charge.

Conference Programme

In interdisciplinary sessions and talks, international top class scientists will present their current research questions and findings. The list of speakers comprises experts from chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology and medicine, going beyond the boundaries of specialised fields and reflecting the interdisciplinary character of the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence (CiM). Topics will range from molecular self-organisation, membrane organisation as well as cell-matrix and cell-cell interaction to tissue morphogenesis, mechanobiology and imaging technologies. In addition to talks from invited speakers and CiM group leaders, junior scientists from CiM labs will get the opportunity to present their research.

Organising Committee