Trachea of a fruit fly embryo (Drosophila). The cell membranes were labelled with different fluorescent proteins using the “brainbow” technique. The membranes of some cells (left) were segmented and displayed using software.
© Dominique Förster, Stefan Luschnig

International CiM Symposium 2017

Cells in Motion: Pattern formation in space and time
Münster, 4–6 September 2017

Meeting venue: lecture hall GEO1, Heisenbergstraße 2

When an organism develops, cells arrange themselves into three-dimensional structures and form patterns. Within cells too, the individual cell components produce patterns which then lead to certain functions. But what are the processes behind this? This is the question that international researchers will be discussing at the University of Münster from 4 - 6 September. At the symposium being hosted by the Cells-in-Motion (CiM) Cluster of Excellence, speakers from the fields of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology and medicine will be presenting their current research results.

The topics they will be talking about range from molecular self-organisation and membrane organisation as well as cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions to tissue morphogenesis and mechanobiology. Another focus of the symposium will be on various imaging technologies which researchers use to visualize the patterns and the processes being investigated. The symposium will provide a platform not only for the speakers who have been invited from all over the world and for the CiM group leaders, but also for junior researchers from the Cluster of Excellence to present their research.

Organising Committee