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by Ben Elton.

Once again, the English Drama Group tackles contemporary issues with this season’s production. Ben Elton’s “Popcorn” which was first performed in England in 1998, shows that contemporary British theatre is drastic, wild, disturbing but also touching and personal. Elton has written a fast-paced, witty and highly topical satire with, dealing with polarising issues such as violence in the media, morality, guilt and responsibility – up close and personal.

The EDG takes us to the Hollywood living room of director Bruce Delamitri on the days just before and after the Oscar ceremony. With the help of his producer Karl Brezner, Bruce makes movies that are modern, sexy and above all ironic - every bloody murder has a deeper meaning. The model Brooke Daniels, also known as "Miss February" and the woman on Bruce's side for the night, would like to star in one of these films; she is an actress after all – she just hasn’t had the chance to prove it yet. Farah Delamitri, Bruce's soon to be ex-wife, never loses sight of her goal even under difficult conditions: half of everything Bruce owns. And that is before Bruce's reputation (and assets) get flushed down the drain due to the controversy caused by his films. If possible she’ll take even more, she has to provide for their daughter Velvet after all. A typical teenager, Velvet is torn between her parents, but she is more grown up than they perceive. As if that was not enough Hollywood drama, there are currently two murderers running amok in the area, whose actions are inspired by Bruce's films. The Mall Murderers Wayne and Scout are big fans of Delamitri and can imagine nothing better than to meet the director personally – except perhaps to get away with their bloody crimes scot-free.

The play keeps the audience’s nerves on edge, especially when even the most disturbing characters display attributes that are deeply human. It forces the audience to examine morality and responsibility in relation to their personal media consumption. The play poses difficult questions, but it does not provide many answers.
This production by the English Drama Group is directed by Philipp Hintze.

Performance dates are 15, 18, 22, 23, 24 and 25 May, at 8 PM at the provisional Studiobühne, Scharnhorststraße110.

Tickets are €8 (concessions €6). Pre-order is available via email to edg-muenster@gmx.de or at 015739453988 or at the door.



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