"There is something about this girl!" Something that fascinates us. 

The English Drama Group has been active now in two different centuries. They’ve done plays from all eras (Shakespeare to the modern age).  But in 2014 they want to do something completely different.

is what they’ve discovered and what they want to present to the theatergoers of Münster and surroundings.

Sometime in early 2013, 3 weirdly inebriated members of the EDG were sitting on the roof of a pub near Münster’s Aasee when they witnessed an awe-inspiring performance by one of the most mysterious and entertaining groups ever: the Edie Guano Group – a Rumanian vaudeville troupe with decades of experience and talent that never stops.
Their show was so intense – a mixture of singing, dancing, acting, slapping, deep-throating and bawking – and the members of the group: Betty Batuda, Mickey Spilligan, Billy Burgsteinfurt, Eddy Schweddy, Manny NoToe, Semena Mertvykh (aka the Parrot Lady) and, of course, the practically invisible (but nevertheless astounding) Edie Guano are so enticing and exciting that their performance on the surface of the Aasee convinced the EDG to hire the group to perform at the Studiobühne for 5 performances that they hope will change the way the audience sees the world and the way life is to be lived!

So, if you’re in the mood to be amused and sometimes shocked by a sketch show (full of dancing, singing, skits and strange sounds and sights) then come to the new Studiobühne at Scharnhorststrasse 110 (near the Aasee)  on:

Due to unforseen circumstances we have to cancel the performances on January 16th and 19th. There will be an additional performance on January 31st.

  • January 16 (Thursday)
  • January 19 (Sunday)
  • January 23 (Thursday)
  • January 31 (Friday)
  • February 1 (Saturday)
  • February 6 (Thursday)     

Price: €8//€6 (for students)   Time: 8:00 pm
Tickets can be reserved using the e-Mail-adress on this website or bought at the door on the night.

(Note: some of the above info is ironic in nature and should not be taken too seriously – the sketch show is in reality the work of the EDG who enjoy having fun at their new venue.)

The Edie Guano Show is sponsored by Schweddy’s Balls – a tasty holiday treat that will make your mouth water and allow you to experience good times.

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